Bellver de Cerdanya

Enjoy the mountains in La Cerdanya

Bellver de Cerdanya is one of the most beautiful villages in La Cerdanya.

Its exceptional location and big extension allows for enjoying the mountains in La Cerdanya, doing extreme sports and hiking. Besides being an excellent town to stroll, it is a place with rich cultural heritage, proud of its traditions. A lot of festivities, fairs and popular activities are usually celebrated. Don’t miss them!

Places of interest

  • The old town of  Bellver
  • The Basilica of Santa Maria de Talló
  • The Museum of the Forest
  • Hiking routes as for example the Cathars and La Ruta dels Segadors (Reapers' Route)
  • The Ingla Valley
  • The Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park
  • The artificial wetland of las Balsas de Gallissà (with storks)
  • The caves of Fou de Bor  and Anes
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